The Basics:

Capture from MiniDV $15 per hour
Capture from VHS $20 per hour
DVD Master Creation $25
Additional DVDs $10
Basic DVD Menu Creation $20
Chapter Points $1 per chapter

Additional Services:

VHS Creation $10
VCD Creation $10
Advanced Menu Structure $50
Digital Archival Master (MiniDV master) $40 per tape (~one hour)

We can also do a wide variety of other services such as editing content, making motion menus, create DVD jacket art and insert booklets, and clean up old video to enhance the quality. There are even more services that aren't listed here but we can certainly access. Please feel free to email us with specifics on what you would like and we'll gladly work on a quote for the job. Volume discounts may apply on large orders so let us know how much you would like to do.

Turnaround times for projects submitted to us can vary depending on the volume of work we are doing. Generally most basic orders are done within two weeks. We may be open to the possibility of rush orders for when you need something quickly but as this can hurt other projects we are working on expect to pay roughly double or more for our services.

If you are not satisfied with the work we have done for you contact us within 7 days of delivery to get a refund less a $10 equipment charge and any shipping costs incurred. We do not guarantee a burned DVD to work in all DVD players as that is the nature of burned DVD media on the market currently. We maintain a list of players that do work with our media and also have sample media for you to try out on your home player prior to committing to an order with us. We can, to some certainty, assure you that a DVD from us will work on a home computer with a DVD drive and DVD playback software if all else fails. If you have a concern please contact us.

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